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The invasion of Texas

The invasion of Texas

The show had to start over because of blog talk and Skype

Why do liberals want to destroy Texas? Is it because of the guns, or the love of God that each Texan has in their heart? From the very beginning people have been seeking to destroy the Texans, from the Alamo until now. People from Californian, Chicago, Detroit, all liberal diseased states are moving into Texas to propagandize the state with all liberal policies and devoid Texas of its morality, its faith, and its constitution. Now with the onslaught of Muslims, they are trying to finally put the nail in the coffin.

It is time for Texas to rise and push back. You cannot allow them to take over your cities or your towns; they will populate like cockroaches, seeking to destroy everything in its path. Like the Alamo it is time to rise and fight back. If Texas goes America Goes! With the upcoming election, and with illegal immigration being the target, ask yourself why so many illegals are flooding into Texas? Why does Texas have a bull’s eye on its back? Liberals are leaving California in droves after destroying it they seek to destroy Texas bringing in the progressive ideas of big government, no God and hatred. Separating the people by color and money is the populous idea to divert what they are really up to.

Texas is a great state which has all the resources and riches that every country seeks. The people of Texas are fighters and they will fight again. It is time to realize that the enemy is not the people but our government and its policies. As I watch little towns being taken over by Californication and the people not even seeing what is happening because they thought they could trust each other but what they didn’t realize is that you cannot trust them because they are there to destroy you, to earn your trust, to earn your friendship and then stab you in the back. Look at the state of California and ask yourself, do you want to be a California, a state on the verge of bankruptcy, drought, moral and religious decay, education at its lowest, being overrun by Union ‘s, UN and Agenda 21 running rampant, Heath system in decay? The list could go on forever. Texans you are better than this, it is time to fight and stand up for what is right, what is good, and what God has planned for you; which is to lead this country forward!

‘Letter-writer calling himself “An indignant Texan who still believes in Jesus Christ and Sam Houston

Texas is and has always been ‘traditional,’ and there are many of us who want to keep it that way. So far, we’ve been successful. Look around on the political map, and count the elected liberals in Texas. . . . I can see liberals salivating over Texas, and any development that undermines the individualist, conservative heritage of Texas makes them giddy. They tend to get overactive imaginations that Texas cities are becoming ‘homes of artists, musicians and gay couples

If ethnic cleansing is a war crime, what’s so great about ethnic DILUTION, which is what is happening to us native Texans? If liberals hate what America did to the Native Americans by turning them into minorities in their own land, why is it acceptable here? As far as I’m concerned, everyone from California, St. Louis or the East Coast should pack up their bags and get on the next VW bus out of here. Before we throw them out.”

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