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America has fallen in her spirit and there are fierce carrion birds poised now on our walls, within the walls of rich houses, in the alleys and crowded streets of our city. IT IS OUR DUTY TO STAND ON THE DOORSTEP; TO HOLD BACK THE ENEMY.

Americans if enough of us do this thing, resolute brave and with honor, America will be saved. Look at the faces and the monuments of our country, please remember what they mean. Look at the inscriptions on our noble buildings and at the arches of our temples. This is the inheritance our Founding Fathers left us. Please let us never betray them, not out of fear, not for a woman or man, not for gain, not for honors and powers.

THIS IS AMERICA.  Remember always that it took a few heroic men to save her. You are only one, but you are one.

Remember above all things, that never was a government but that was a liar, thief and malefactor When power lies only in the people, and their government is restricted, then that people flourish and no wicked man can conquer them.

Americans please wake up take notice. The Earth does not belong to men; it is not for sale, not for government to take; nor for government to give away.

** ** These are the words of Chief Joseph.

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